Brock Atkinson

  • What website owners need to know about WordPress 6.3

    Yesterday was launch day for the latest update to WordPress, codenamed “Lionel”. You can read the news directly from the team themselves. This has been a long time in the making, and alongside the release of 6.2 marks the end of the Gutenberg project’s second phase. WordPress 6.3 New Features Site Editor Improvements Improved Editor…

  • Common ASCII Symbols

    Quite often we use various ASCII symbols around websites because they are just pure text elements that are scalable / resizable and directly highlighted and copied. This list is my no means exhaustive, but this is simply the ones I tend to use most. Arrow Symbols ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘…

  • Introducing the Show Customizer plugin for WordPress

    Introducing the Show Customizer plugin for WordPress

    Is it the simplest WordPress plugin ever created? At one line of code, it is a solid contender.

  • Hello, world!

    Hello, world!

    Introducing the company and founder.